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Aston Design & Renovation is a company that works with clients to renovate homes using quality craftsmanship and designs. They take part in the home-renovation process from A to Z while providing unique and worthwhile services that are unlike other real estate design companies.


Kailey Aston is our consulting specialist who works with homeowners that are looking to sell. Aside from providing a comprehensive market analysis of the property, Kailey will make recommendations for the property at hand. This includes everything that needs to be done to prepare the home for a successful sale.

Kailey will formulate a “game plan” for the clients and come up with money-saving solutions. While most buyers only see the cosmetic aspect of a property, Kailey works to guide them to see the real value of the investment.

Aston Design & Renovation primarily works with real estate investors and provide full-package services to man. From securing the property to managing the renovation and reselling the property, they do it all.



Shawn Aston has 20+ years of experience in civil construction. He has managed and completed multimillion-dollar jobs and built six bridges in Palos Duro Canyon. He has worked on the Trinity River Gabion wall and in the telecommunication field.
Shawn’s expansive knowledge includes installing telecom lines, construction, renovation, and smart home technology.


Kailey Aston has 10+ years of experience working in retail banking and wealth management. She has worked in the private banking sector. She is knowledgeable in accounting, has exceptional organizational skills, and is detail-oriented.

She obtained an Interior Design Certificate from the Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach, CA. Kailey has also worked for 5+ years in a private real estate office managing day to day operations as well as buyer and seller transactions. She has worked with lenders and escrow agents. Kailey has experience in property management and has handled 60-75 transactions a year.

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